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Article Title:
10 Emerging Technologies

Talbot, David

Journal Information:
Technology Review (MIT)
Vol. 108, Num. 5


(carbon nanotubes in wire) The ten emerging technologies that are discussed are as follows: 1. airborne networks
2. quantum wires
R. Smalley's group is working to produce a new type of eletrical wire, lighter stronger, and more efficient, using carbon nanotubes. "The goal is to make wires with so little eletrical resistance that it does not dissipate electricity as heat." Current technology (2005) does not allow for the production of just one kind of nanotube, but in future industrial production facilities may be able to control and clone identical nanotubes.

3. silicon photonics
4. metabolomics
5. magnetic-resonance force microscopy
6. universal memory
7. bacterial factories
8. environmatics
9. cell-phone viruses
10. biomechatronics.