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Article Title:
Nanotech's First Block-Busters?

Lenatti, Chuck

Journal Information:
Technology Review (MIT)
Vol. 107, Num. 2


Lenatti covers the fortunes of the nascent nanotech industry through a profile of Nanosys, a strong startup aiming to create nano building blocks for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Among their envisioned products: solar cells, display panels, lasers, sensors and computer chips. Nanosys stands on the brink of success or failure -- just a few years will determine whether or not they can return investors' capital. Founded by Larry Bock, Nansys focuses on near-term products using inorganic nanocrystals "made of silicon and other materials already familiar to electronics makers." With a team of scientists recruited from MIT, Harvard and USC, Nanosys took on energy technology and has developed thin film "nanotetrapod"-based solar roofing tiles. Nanosys is also working on faster, lighter, more durable and more energy-efficient displays that include processors and memory. As a next step, Nanosys will need tp bring its products to market and ramp up its production facilities. (Note: as of 2007, Nanosys is still in business)