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Article Title:
Measuring the Risks of Nanotechnology

Rotman, David

Journal Information:
Technology Review (MIT)
Vol. 0, Num. 0


An interview with Vicki Colvin at Rice's Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology demonstrates her concern for safety and her dedication to the research that contributes to regulation. Because nanoparticles are powerful biological actors, their use needs to be better understood. There is not very much information about the interaction between engineered nanoparticles of 20 nm or less and the environment. Nanoparticles are not safe or dangerous; rather, they are unknown country. The sooner we know what they do, the better. In a marketplace of untested products, Colvin anticipates regulation by the FDA. She favors energy applications for nanotechnology over personal beauty products. And she thinks that decisions will be made in absence of data.