Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Mediating Uncertainty - Communicating the Financial Risks of Nanotechnologies

Ebeling, Mary F. E.

Journal Information:
Science Communication
Vol. 29, Num. 3


The authors in the article provide readers with ten recommendations that might result in, as their title suggests, meaningful citizen involvement in science and technology. After attending a conference where a vaguely-defined community was given a phantom opportunity to voice concerns about nanotechnology, the authors decided to find a way to promote laypeoples opinions about this emerging field, rather than to simply talk down at the from on high. They found that citizens could be more easily and honestly incorporated into nanotechnologys present and future by holding more shorter-term mechanisms for informing them public and allowing them to comment, by moving beyond these devices and engaging citizens regularly, by becoming more reflexive and transparent in their dealings with the public, by being open-ended in their approach, by training citizens to speak on this level, by allowing for hands-on projects, by better funding these initiatives, by creating a long-term plan that incorporates all these ideas, and by then working the views and ideas of the public into the field itself.