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Article Title:
Toward the responsible innovation with nanotechnology in Japan: our scope

Ishizu, Saori

Journal Information:
Journal of Nanoparticle Research
Vol. 10, Num. 2


The authors in this essay outline three years of activities (2004-07) on the nanotechnology front in Japan, analyzing at the same time the societal impacts of the science and its implications. Seeing the opportunity to track from the outset the public understanding of nanotechnology with the creation of Japans centralized nanotechnology initiative starting in 2004, these authors created an open forum entitles Nanotechnology and Society to allow for wide-ranging discussions in Japan about the societal impacts of nanotechnology, as well as to act as a vehicle for information-sharing. The authors recognized that the West had been far more proactive far earlier than the Japanese in addressing the risks and societal implications of nanotechnology for a variety of reasons, but they were also able to identify a concerted effort over this three-year period to rectify that situation. Through public research initiatives, these authors believe that not only can nanotechnologies various pitfalls be identified and addresses, but the public can also be informed and, if possible, swayed by the promise of the technology and the now-understood risks involved.