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Article Title:
The morality of attitudes toward nanotechnology: about God, techno-scientific progress, and interfering with nature

Vandermoere, Frederic

Journal Information:
Journal of Nanoparticle Research
Vol. 12, Num. 2


These authors find a number of different conditions inform the opinion of Germans about nanotechnology. Everything from gender to education to religious background can be found to have an effect on these people and their conception of what nanotechnology means as both a promise and a threat for mankind. Partially because a tiny percentage of the overall budget for nanotechnology research is spent on risk assessment, the authors found that very few people are truly informed about nanotechnology in general and its potential risks in particular, and those who are ill-informed tend to have a rather indifferent attitude toward the field. The people who tend to be more informed about nanotechnology also tend to be those who are technologically-inclined naturally, and hence have a generally positive outlook. Finally, while religion does not have a huge impact in Germany on nanotechnological attitudes, people who tend more toward the holistic and away from technology in general, much like the technophiles, have a predictable reaction to nanotechnology, this time negative where the others had been positive.