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Article Title:
In quest of a systematic framework for unifying and defining nanoscience

Tomalia, Donald A

Journal Information:
Journal of Nanoparticle Research
Vol. 11, Num. 6


Tomalia looks in the article to find, as he states in his title, a systematic framework for defining nanoscience, or simply a way in which to define what nanotechnology means. One of the outcomes such an approach would have would be to dramatically accelerate the development of critical insights into issues of ultimate importance, namely, new fundamental/emerging nanoproperties, a wide range of commercial applications, as well as the definition of critical benefit/hazard boundaries of importance to society. A very technical article, Tomalia comes to the conclusion that the creation of a nanoperiodic system would not only help in identifying nanomaterials but also in predicting their behaviors, thereby greatly increasing their marketability and decreasing the inherent risk of the unfamiliar that comes with emerging technologies.