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Article Title:
Co-creating Nano Imaginaries: Report of a Delphi-Exercise

Deblonde, Marian

Journal Information:
Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society
Vol. 28, Num. 5


In this manifesto for the Nanotechnologies for Tomorrows Society (Nanosoc) research project, the authors map out their plan to bring scientists, citizens and other intellectuals together to work out the societal impacts of future nanotechnologies and plan accordingly. Their assertion that Nanosoc is meant to discuss and reflect on the opportunities and challenges involved in the constructive social shaping of nanotechnologies gives the reader an idea of their concern with not just nano progress but public opinion; the segment dedicated to dark scenarios whereby negative impressions of nano could be produced from negative imaginaries is indicative of their concern over societal conceptions. To that end, included in the study are social scientists, journalists and even involved citizens, all with an eye toward ensuring nano breakthroughs are along the lines society would accept (health-care, environmental remediation, social networking and consumer convenience, all of which say more to the participants about todays problems than tomorrows perfections). In this way, Nanosoc brings the imaginations of scientists and citizens together toward creating a better tomorrow.