Nanotech Database

Article Title:
The Laboratory Revisited - Academic Science and the Responsible Development of Nanotechnology

Doubleday, Robert

Journal Information:
Vol. 1, Num. 2


This paper looks at the different ways in which upstream public engagement in the British nanotechnological field could be understood, and then goes on to cover in more detail a laboratory-based collaboration between social science and nanoscience aimed at exploring the social dimensions of nanotechnology. Doubleday feels that, for upstream engagement to be truly beneficial, it needs to be done with an STS viewpoint in mind, otherwise the opportunity to improve science through a collaboration with the lay public would be wasted from its very beginnings. He finds in the end that a general acceptance of the ideals that lead to an interest in upstream engagement, but adhered to at every stage, would be more beneficial than any concentration on the point at which the public becomes involved.