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Article Title:
Ambient Intelligence and Persuasive Technology: The Blurring Boundaries Between Human and Technology

Verbeek, Peter-Paul

Journal Information:
Vol. 3, Num. 3


This paper deals with the new fields of Ambient Intelligence and Persuasive Technology, which represent a convergence of information technology and cognitive science. What Verbeek calls smart environments impact humans by actually changing our own behavioral patterns, in the process problematizing the relationship humans have always thought they had with their surroundings. Verbeek looks at the promises and pitfalls of these two new fields and suggests reimagining ideas of agency and responsibility to better include these sciences, rather than trying to ensnare them in current definitions. More than anything else, Verbeek looks to blur the boundaries between humans and technologies also at the level of our conceptual and moral frameworks, which would bring us closer to understanding these fields on their own level and independent of our own prejudices.