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Article Title:
Dual-Use Research Codes of Conduct: Lessons from the Life Sciences

Selgelid, Michael J

Journal Information:
Vol. 3, Num. 3


Selgelid first explains the multiple definitions for his term dual-use technology, from its beginnings as a term to describe innovation useful for military and civilian purposes to its more contemporary use as a technology that has both helpful and harmful utilities, and finally to a combination of these two where there is a good and bad use for the technology, the latter usually representing some sort of weapon of mass destruction. It is the third, synergistic definition the author uses in this paper, and it is not nanotechnology but the life sciences (specifically bioterrorism) that he uses as a model by which to explain where nanotechnology could and shoul go in the future. The implementation and regulation of scientific codes of conduct, in Selgelids eyes, would go a long way toward ensuring nanotechnology would not be used for the more nefarious of intentions.