Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Lose One Another ... nd Find One Another in Nanospace. Nanotechnologies for Tomorrows Society: A Case for Reflective Action Research in Flanders (NanoSoc)

Goorden, Lieve

Journal Information:
Vol. 2, Num. 3


In this article, the authors elaborate on these uncertainties and involved dilemmas scientists are facing and proposes a process approach which addresses strategic uncertainty by alternating between visioning and technology assessment, as well as a process design which manages complexity by promoting reflexivity among scientists by exposing them to deliberations in civil society (social experts, stakeholders, citizens) on plausible futures with nanotechnologies and certain process quality requirements such as an attitude of perplexity or openness towards plurality and an attitude of temporary closure, both in support of understanding and learning from differences. The idea was to analyze the Flemish Nanotechnologies for Tomorrows Societies project to see what sort of progress could be made, and beyond these already stated conclusions, the authors found that not only do scientists and the public not really know much about the goals and means of one another, but that this public engagement exercise showed how far apart their respective viewpoints really are.