Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Lets Get Small: An Introduction to Transitional Issues

Koepsell, David

Journal Information:
Vol. 3, Num. 2


Koepsells article concentrates not on the dangers nanotechnology poses in a physical sense but the ways in which intellectual property rules might stifle innovation. Koepsell traces the paths innovation tends to take and the various prejudices and pitfalls it must (and usually does) overcome in order to determine how nanotechnology can be approached without simply decrying the inevitable catastrophic consequences many feel are down the road. Koepsell feels the unique promise and precautions inherent in nanotechnology would be best served by altering current ideas about intellectual property to further progress the field by allowing for a sharing of ideas and methods unseen in other sciences. His use of the Coca-Cola formula as a trade secret that stifles progress in an industry is somewhat silly on the surface but, assuming nanotechnology to be more a consumer product and less a life-altering science, does make some sense.