Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Developments in the Debate on Nanoethics: Traditional Approaches and the Need for New Kinds of Analysis

Ferrari, Arianna

Journal Information:
Vol. 4, Num. 1


This paper looks at the debate over ethics in nanotechnology and how it has changed over time. Ferrari goes on to describe the risk/benefit ratio as an underlying theme in the work of most authors, before going on to describe a more sophisticated form of prudence where ideas about sustainability and responsibility and other limits of our knowledge dominate the discussion. She sees that the move recently has been toward a contextualisation of ethical discourse in its ontological, epistemic and socio-economic and political reflections, which involves a study of the metaphysical research program. In this way, the author feels the present can be understood, the past deconstructed and the future left to itself, which flies somewhat in the face of other authors ideas about a forward-looking ethics but is simply a call to understand what we know now rather than speculate on what might happen.