Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Can Nanotechnology Be Just? On Nanotechnology and the Emerging Movement for Global Justice

Jamison, Andrew

Journal Information:
Vol. 3, Num. 2


Jamison looks in this article at the market-driven scientific community and asks whether or not nanotechnology can be just in the face of such pressures. As much as regulation of nanotechnology is gaining steam in almost every country where it is being pursued, the regulatory agencies seem to be less interested in assessing the implications of nanotechnology than in prodding the science to develop some sort of usable, yet safe, technology. The idea Jamison gets at is that, with a worldwide movement toward global justice growing on every continent, and a concurrent nanotechnology that looks to manipulate matter on the nanoscale to, ostensibly, create better products and organisms, it seems somewhat counterintuitive that these two aims have never come together, and the reason he sees comes down largely to market forces. While it is only a small group of scholars who are concerned with connecting these tow so far, Jamison feels that the discourse is important if ever meaningful change is to be reached.