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Article Title:
But is it Unique to Nanotechnology? Reframing Nanoethics

Godman, Marion

Journal Information:
Science and Engineering Ethics
Vol. 14, Num. 4


Godman here builds a case for nanoethics to be a separate sub-discipline from applied ethics, and what it might entail. While Godman admits that nanotechnologys broad base of scientific appeal means that it has many issues that are shared with other disciplines, she also argues that the lack of unique ethical issues in nanotechnology does not imply a lack of relevant ethical issues associated with nanotechnology. Ethical issues can be divide dup into ensuing or procedural issues, as defined by the author, or can be focused on the more popular (or risky) field of nanoparticle research, but what remains obvious is that nanotechnology is a growing field that requires the attention of ethicists if it is to survive and become beneficial to scientists and the public.