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Article Title:
The Evolution of Risk Perceptions

Kahan, Dan M.

Journal Information:
Nature Nanotechnology
Vol. 4, Num. 11


Kahan writes here about the publics perception of the risks inherent in nanotechnology, more specifically about how the general public sees the possible benefits of nanotechnology as outweighing it possible risks and how that could be changed through an education campaign. He also suggests a study not only on how this new information would affect peoples ideas of nanotechnology but how their ideas are already shaped by their personal characteristics, from their gender to their age to their other interests. He also urges a study into the social influences that influence peoples risk perceptions where nanotechnology is concerned, and how that information is disseminated as well as where it comes from initially. The idea here is to get literature on the risks of nanotechnology to match the breathtaking pace of nanotechnology research itself, if only to ensure people are well-informed on the subject and that their perception of the risks involved matches the benefits expected.