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Article Title:
Will the Public Swallow Nanofood?

Chun, Ai Lin

Journal Information:
Nature Nanotechnology
Vol. 4, Num. 12


Chun looks at the food science industry and sees great potential for nanotechnology in making food healthier, tastier and last longer in improved packaging. Chun points out that people have been consuming nanoparticles for their entire lives, but that they rarely understand this aspect of the milk or cheese products they buy daily. While there remains much promise in tailoring food or packaging to better the life of the average consumer, Chun also argues that caution must be taken when suggesting the ingestion of any substance that has never before been taken orally. Labeling food as containing nanotechnology or nanoparticles may or may not make it attractive to consumers, but the reluctance of most food companies to put such an advertisement (or warning) on their packaging suggests that such an admission might not be an unmitigated success.