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Article Title:
Science from the Inside

Toumey, Chris

Journal Information:
Nature Nanotechnology
Vol. 4, Num. 9


In this article, Toumey looks at the laboratory itself and analyzes the ways in which, contrary to the popular belief of the scientists therein, it is a place of much subjectivity. His point here in looking at the laboratory reports found in various monographs and articles is that scientists are not entirely objective about their environment; while many strive for a kind of machine-like repeatability in their methods, Toumey finds that one labs dirt is another labs variable to be manipulated. In other words, the very objectivity of the scientific method is in many ways contradictory to the actual experiments done in the various fields, especially in nanotechnology. The early conflicts in the field in relation to nanotechnologys aims and public perception also suggest subjectivity to Toumey, as he finds that scientists are often concerned with some problems that then become objectively necessary to tackle while others remain objectively ignorable due to the opinions of the scientists involved.