Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Research on the Frontiers of Materials Science

Manoharan, Mohan

Journal Information:
Technology in Society
Vol. 30, Num. 4


While [o]ur future, just as our past, is dependent on the mastery of materials, the days of crafting stone or metal into tools are long gone, and an entirely new paradigm has emerged. To Mohan Manoharan, that new direction comes from the drive of nanotechnology to achieve this mastery while also providing for sustainable development. Nanotechnology has the potential to reach innumerable corners of society through mere commodities, but Manoharan believes a responsible, bio-inspired model need be pursued to ensure these advances leave posterity a better world than we found. Where he sees nanotechnology foundering, however, is in any case where not an advance but an entire value chain (from nanomaterial to end product) would require creation. He sees the capabilities of nanotechnology as positive and its reach enormous, but the progress too slow to start from scratch and be profitable, economically or otherwise.