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Article Title:
Nanotechnology: The Endgame of Materialism

Gimzewski, James K.

Journal Information:
Vol. 41, Num. 3


In considering nanotechnology as the end result, or better the full realization, of Western materialism, Gimzewski explores the history of the field and its ramifications in regards to departmentalization in the sciences, describing nanotechnology as a product of an evolution in tools of observation, fabrication and communication, as well as paradigm shifts that came with these revelations. He winds his way through many of the products and services nanotechnology could impact, assessing both the positive and negative implications of emerging scientific discoveries. Gimzewski looks at nanotechnology and its inherent interdisciplinary nature as a way for technology, culture and religion to be realigned, in contrast to the modern tendency toward fragmentation. He finds that nanotechnology has the ability to transcend its popularity now for the conveniences it might bring and instead become a starting point for our own self-realization, through this juncture between science, art and spirituality.