Nanotech Database

Article Title:
Nanoscale and Painting

da Silva, Felipe Rocha

Journal Information:
Vol. 41, Num. 4


Silvas contribution to Leonardos Nanotechnology, Nanoscale Science and Art study centers not so much around nanoscale itself as the very idea of scale in art, as he understands it through his own work. He refers to members of the crowds in his paintings as nanoscale humanoid units, nothing more than grains of sand that are unique only in their smallness and sameness. These qualities, which are one not two, combine with the utter endlessness of sand (or the crowd, or ostensibly nanoparticles) to offer a paradox for the artist and the scientist alike, that of scaling the infinite to fit inside a finite medium. He returns to nanotechnology in name only at the articles end, where he invokes its dual role as a source of small-scale industrialization that is as apt to be exploited for profit by capitalists as it is to curb excess through it tiny scale; this identification seems more forced than his earlier allusions to scale in art, but take nothing away from the articles overall message.