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Article Title:
Globalization at the Nano Frontier: The Future of Nanotechnology Policy in the United States, China and India

Michelson, Evan S.

Journal Information:
Technology in Society
Vol. 30, Num. 4


Following the China, India and the United States theme of this issue, Michelson looks at the emerging field of nanotechnology through the lens of these three countries and their contributions to its advancement, from the past into the future. He later details the number of countries worldwide classified as active in nanotechnology as being leading, transitional and developing, but first he examines each of the titular countries and their current states. The US represents an early nano power, a leader that was trailblazing in its federal funding for the NNI, but China is identified as a fast-following nation on the cusp of becoming a leading state, retarded only by government red tape. India, meanwhile, is unjustifiably behind these other two, though working hard at making up ground. He sees the most potential in the three if they were to combine forces to work toward common goals, a scientifically logical but politically utopian thought that he helps to dispel by detailing the challenges facing not just such a collaboration but each individual country in the quest for nanotechnological advancement.