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Article Title:
Modeling Molecules: Computational Nanotechnology as a Knowledge Community

Johnson, Ann

Journal Information:
Perspectives on Science
Vol. 17, Num. 2


Ann Johnson believes that the STS community can offer an important perspective on nanotechnology by showing that the definition of a scientific field and community is neither simple nor uncontentious, but that the interconnections between sciences and their practitioners are integral in the development of related fields. The community she sees as bringing nanotechnology into being is an interdisciplinary one, but she focuses mostly on Computational Nanotechnology (CN) as a subfield of nanotechnology and its interaction with those in the Computational Chemistry (CC) and Computational Materials Science (CMS) fields. She focuses on who owns nanotechnology, determining ownership by its practitioners, funding resources and their respective scientific backgrounds. She traces the genesis of CN from CC without firmly awarding CN to the earlier discipline, instead insisting that a diverse group of scientific subfields contributed as much to CN as CC ever did.