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Article Title:
Cubism at the Nano Scale

Toumey, Chris

Journal Information:
Nature Nanotechnology
Vol. 2, Num. 10


One of the difficulties which members of the public have in fully understanding nanotechnology, article author Chris Toumey maintains, is rooted in the difficulties which they have in comprehending images of nanoscale phenomena. Unlike images produced by microscopes, photographs, or X-rays, Toumey maintains, nanoscale images often look foreign and alien to laypeople, as these images lie outside the experience of most members of the general public. To truly understand nanoscale images and their significance, Toumey argues, members of the general public need to learn to adopt new ways of seeing--a process comparable to the ways in which members of the art-viewing public needed to be educated to comprehend such radically new forms of visual art as cubism during the early twentieth century.