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Article Title:
Setting the Standard

Sandhu, Adarsh

Journal Information:
Nature Nanotechnology
Vol. 3, Num. 2


This article focuses on the efforts of the Japanese government, Japanese industry, and Japanese corporations to establish national standards regarding the regulation of nanomaterials. The Japanese government is at the forefront of global efforts to conduct research into the potential risks associated with nanomaterials, and to establish national and international guidelines for dealing with these materials. While traditionally, most government and corporate money has been allocated towards studying nanotechnology for commercial purposes, Japan is seeking to secure increased funding for the study of nanotechnology's potential to improve human health and help preserve the environment. Japan's government has been working enthusiastically with the United States and the European Union, to collaborate in formulating nanotechnology regulation standards, as part of the global effort to establish internationally agreed upon standards and rules to regulate nanomaterials and nanotechnology. Japan's government has also been a pioneer in transparency regarding the details of its manufacturing processes, involving nanomaterials.