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Article Title:
Nanotechnology and the Challenge of Clean Water

Hillie, Thembela

Journal Information:
Nature Nanotechnology
Vol. 2, Num. 11


The authors of this article focus on the tremendous potential which nanotechnology possesses to bring potable water to all the peoples of the earth (many of whom are still without clean drinking water.) As the existence of clean drinking water in all of the world's communities would greatly aid in bringing about an end to poverty and ensuring the stability of nations, the development of nanotechnologies which could help purify water would have significant economic and political implications. Some such technologies are already on the market, while yet others are currently in an advanced state of development. As these technologies begin to be implemented in developing countries, scientists need to make sure to adapt these technologies to the actual communities in which they are installed, need to work carefully to disarm communities' distrust, and candidly share all potential pitfalls and environmental risks posed to the community by these technologies.