Nanotech Database

Article Title:
The Nanotech Report, Fourth Edition Volumes I and II

Lux Research,

Journal Information:
Report by Lux Research
Vol. 0, Num. 0


The Lux Research Report covers the following topics:

  • Government funding, including new calculations of government nanotechnology funding worldwide in 2005, spanning more than 40 countries, with highlighted national and regional initiatives
  • Corporate R&D spending: new estimates of nanotech corporate R&D spending by country and sector in 2005, with highlighted nanotech programs at Fortune 1,000 giants
  • Venture capital: new, comprehensive analysis of every nanotech venture capital deal ever closed by country, sector, year, and sponsoring VCs from 1989 through 2005
  • Patents: Analysis and discussion of more than 1,300 nanotechnology patents covering more than 20,000 claims
  • Trademarks: Analysis and a list of every nanotech trademark filed in the United States
  • Environment, health, and safety (EHS): Data on U.S. government spending on nanotechnology EHS research plus a framework for addressing nanotech EHS risks

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