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Article Title:
Technoetic Pathways toward the Spiritual in Art: A Transdisciplinary Perspective on Connectedness, Coherence and Consciousness.

Ascott, Roy

Journal Information:
Vol. 39, Num. 1


Ascott coins the term moistmedia to record "the convergence of dry computational systems and wet biological processes, involving the assembly of bits, atoms, neurons and genes in conjunctions that will provide the artist with a new kind of material substrate..." He says that if nanotechnology is understood from the point of view of consciousness, then nano is the "plane upon which technology and consciousness can meet." Ascott continues..."it can be argued that the body itself,in matters of both identity and biology,owes its specificity to the mind." Nanotechnology allows us to explore the fields and areas that could, or do, connection consciousness to the body and allow us to rethink what is accepted as scientfic knowledge. He concludes "[n]ew science is emerging from its classical carapace, creating new paradigms, defining new realities and reviving very ancient ones. This leads to an understanding of the world and ourselves in which what was classically seen as coherent is now seen as illusory, rather as if we had acquired behind-the-scenes access to Duchamps Étants donné the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In the spiritual context, dealing with illusion has not only been the province of Buddhism (maya) but is at the root of shamanism, Western spiritual disciplines and psychic practices: All address how to break the bonds of normative perception to attain the reality of higher consciousness."