Nanotech Database

Author's Last Name Author's First Name Affiliation Article Title Journal Title Journal Year Journal Volume Journal Number Keywords
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Anonymous Congress considers ethical, social impact of nanotechnology researchIssues in Science and Technology2003201government oversight and funding
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BrownSimon The New Deficit ModelNature Nanotechnology2009410Deficit Model, New Deficit Model, nanomaterials, public support
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da SilvaFelipe RochaNanoscale and PaintingLeonardo2008414scale, art, nanoscale humanoid units, infinite
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EbelingMary F. E.Mediating Uncertainty - Communicating the Financial Risks of NanotechnologiesScience Communication2008293
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ETC Group Will Atom Technologies Work?Report by ETC200300
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FisherErik Ethnographic Invention: Probing the Capacity of Laboratory DecisionsNanoethics200712Nanotechnology . Modulation . Socio-technological change . Laboratory . Ethnography
FoladoriGuillermo Two Dimensions of the Ethical Problems Related to NanotechnologyNanoethics200932Capitalism . Ethics . Nanoethics . Nanotechnology . Science and technology
FriedmanSharon M.Lehigh UniversityNanotechnology: Risks and the MediaTechnology and Society Magazine, IEEE2005244public understanding of nanotechnology
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GarciaTamara Enhancing Justice?Nanoethics200823Social justice . Human enhancement . Social context
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GuerraGiorgia European Regulatory Issues in NanomedicineNanoethics200821Nanomedicine . Medical ethics . Technology regulation . Risk perception
HansenSteffen FossLate Lessons From Early Warnings for NanotechnologyNature Nanotechnology200838European Environment Agency, interdisciplinary cooperation, caution
HassounNicole Nanotechnology, Enhancement, and Human NatureNanoethics200823Nanoethics . Nanotechnology . Enhancement . Species . Ecosystem . Evolution . Human nature
HelmusMichael College of Engineering, Boston UniversityThe Need for Rules and RegulationsNature Nanotechnology200726Medicinal Advances, Government Oversight & Funding
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HongladaromSoraj Nanotechnology, Development and Buddhist ValuesNanoethics200932Nanotechnology . Development . Developing countries . Buddhism. Values
InvernizziNoela Visions of Brazilian Scientists on NanosciencesNanoethics200822Nanosciences . Nanotechnologies . S&T vision assessment . Scientific community . Visions of scientific progress
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